This one is near and dear to my heart because The Healing Barn is where I take my riding lessons. Look for my lesson horse, Crazy, in the Critter Pics section of this website. The Healing Barn's main function isn't lessons, though, or even boarding. Their primary work is rehabbing injured horses, and working with behavior issues.

Allen and Nancy have worked miracles on animals that equine vets said should be put down, and I've seen those miracles with my own eyes. They've also rescued abused horses, and, for a couple of memorable years, took care of a sickly but feisty old mule who needed a good home.

Newt was a special addition to the barn. His favorite trick was browsing the stalls when the horses had been turned out to pasture, and helping himself to all the leftover food. His braying is sorely missed by those who loved him.

The Healing Barn is a wonderful combination of rehab and rescue, with small town friendliness thrown in to boot, and it's run by two of the most decent people I know. Please click on and help them help horses.